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A deep sea creature that's never been seen by a human.
The gnarble is a weak swimmer due to its thin tail.
by Jack Mackerel August 03, 2011
11 2
To simultaneously have cock and balls in your mouth
Hey man can you Gnarble my nuts?
by Rustinpeace23 September 12, 2012
3 3
Very cool marbles (gnar - old slang term for very cool).
WOW!! You have so many gnarbles.
by Juan Hernandiaz April 30, 2006
2 2
Any nasty, thick, blood-like substance. Basically used to describe anything viscous and gross.
Guy 1- So I did this Polish chick on her period last night.

Guy 2- Dude, sick. You probably got all kinds of gnarble on yer wiener.
by billiardpenis9 August 02, 2009
2 12