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A type of cheese used in the game "MouseHunt".
You need glutter to catch a master to the cheese belt mouse.
by Chris Tearoll February 27, 2009
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The combination of Elmer's Glue and Glitter. When mixed together they will stick to anything and everything for days, even weeks.
My daughter left a bead of glutter stuck to the table while crafting.
by CongoNY March 04, 2008
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a mixture of glue and water, often used for little kids in craft projects
My four year old sister wanted to make a papier mache model, so i tore some newspaper, and mixed up some glutter for her
by _Alli_ August 22, 2005
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When fat people throw food at their faces and it misses. i.e. it is clutter created by the act of gluttony.
I have a house full of fatties and they create a lot of glutter.
by shakey-poo-munch January 17, 2011
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