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gluttered is used when describing a thing thats pretty like glitter but its kind of like the revolting or not too great like the gutter
"they gluttered my world with love"-means they glitter your gutter of a world with love.
by popcornisbetterthanyou April 01, 2007
another word for television. it means there are sluts on tv.
myspace profiles have a place you can type in what televison shows you watch. If you type in slutvision it shows you are aware that televison has a lot of sluts on it that don't deserve to be seen. "fuck television, its slutvision"
by popcornisbetterthanyou April 01, 2007
a style. like hardcore/punk/goth/industrial/rocker all mixed into one, but much better. Intense clothing, makeup, attitude ect.. would be described as tensified
"Her style is called tensified." They're not just hardcore punk rock- they are tensified."
by popcornisbetterthanyou March 31, 2007
the name for the best cat in the world, and always will be. This cat is white and has some buttery colored fur as well. Very fluffy and softest. This cat has the blue-est eyes you will ever see just like the owner. No cat is better. Love him forever. He got his name right after he started eating a piece of popcorn that got dropped on the floor when he was the cutest kitten ever.
"Popcorn is the best cat ever i love him more than anything. hes my best friend" "Popcorn is fucking hardcore"

"oh i KNOW."
by popcornisbetterthanyou April 01, 2007
a name someone can call you. Its really hardcore to call a cool person crotch rot when they are clean. They should always take it as a compliment... unless they feel dirty. then they should go home and wash their crotch lke 5 times.
'''talking'''blah blah blah''''
"hey crotch rot"
"what does that mean??? wtf...my crotch isn't rotting"
"oh well...crotch rot"
by popcornisbetterthanyou March 31, 2007
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