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Self-shot of a man's penis taken at close proximity causing a glowing effect from the blinding light of the camera flash. The penis in the picture then resembles the popular 1980's stuffed toy "Glow Worm".
Dumbass you should have shut the flash of so you didn't get a glow worm!
by fkyewdave January 03, 2012
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Members of a hazardous materials cleanup team.
After the truck spilled radioactive garbage everywhere the cops called in the glow worms.
by Cryptkpr July 09, 2004
When a person places one or more glow sticks in their arse, often for sexual pleasure or drunken amusement, in the dark. Often used as part of dogging / voyeurism / public sex to help guide would be suitors / voyeurs.

Also known as a firefly or beacon.
example 1 : "Jill went dogging last night, and did a glowworm, after 10 minutes she apparently had a queue of suitors and countless people watching in the shadows! She said it really got her off!"

example 2 : "man we were so pissed last night, we found a bunch of glow sticks and did a naked glowworm race down the street - the loser had to buy the next round"
by ColonelTessieIceBeaconThe2nd January 10, 2013
Breaking a glow stick and rubbing the chemicals inside on the mouth of a partner that then blows you.
"Hey what happened with you and Daija last night?"

"I asked her to give me a Glow Worm, but she didn't have any glowsticks."
by littlespott June 21, 2012
Creepy ass stuffed or plastic worms, that glow, that eat moon drops. People obcess over them. It's creepy as hell, because they have a rod rammed up their 'ass'.
"Goddamnit Sylvie, your buying more glow worms?"
by _DV April 01, 2003
When a person squints his/her eyes in the same fashion of the 80's stuffed toy with a hard plastic head that looks like a worm stoned out of his mind. While doing this one must draw in very close to your partners face and stay their till they acknowledge that you are doing the "Glow Worm".
I want to Glow Worm you till you can't take it any more!
by killroy546 November 13, 2011
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