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The opposite of breadth
"If you mix up length and breadth, a penis would be 6 inches wide and only an inch long"

"That ships breadth does not allow it to enter the channel, but I'd say it's length is pretty damn long for such a wide ship"
by _DV March 31, 2003
A pile of human waste (usually poop) in a rather large pile on the ground.
"Goddamn, I stepped in that shitmud back there and now it won't come off my boot."
"That sucks, I stepped in shitmud last week and nearly puked."
by _DV March 31, 2003
Creepy ass stuffed or plastic worms, that glow, that eat moon drops. People obcess over them. It's creepy as hell, because they have a rod rammed up their 'ass'.
"Goddamnit Sylvie, your buying more glow worms?"
by _DV April 01, 2003
1) Warm beer
2) When one person urinates in another persons butt and, well, you know...
"Dude, this is asspiss."
"Yeah, I'll be making some of that tonight."
"God your sick."
by _DV April 01, 2003
A) A hefty rock shot out of the pipes
B) The toilet pistol hardpoint ammo
C) The Log-Breaking Arial Torpedo
D) A crystalline structure that seems to grow in your bladder and is either passed through the penis OR blasted with ultrasound to prevent massive pain
"Yeah man, I just shot a torpedo out my toilet pistol last night the size of my fist."
"Man, how did you survive that?"
"I no longer have a penis."


(sound of a man who has just dropped a hefty rock out of the pipeline)
by _DV March 28, 2003
An object used to release a lock, commonly in groups. Suspected to be sentient life due to continued loss thereof on random (and often important) occasions.
"Damn, I lost my keys again."
"Did you check your pants?"
"Fucking keys."
by _DV March 29, 2003

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