glob is a senseless variant of blog a short more efficient variant of weblog. it has however raised the class level of weblogging to reaches never before achieved.
god wont those losers ever get with the times? blog is like so yesterday. all y'all wish you were as cool as me with my glob.
by bigposerhead February 07, 2005
ignorant unattractive (generally fat) person who is popular because they spend all their parent's money on ugly clothing.
glob: hey! i haven't hung out with you for soo long! what are you wearing to semi?
me: dress from last year.
glob: oh. my daddy's taking me on a shopping spree to nyc to buy a dress.
me: hello! it's your freshman semi! no one cares what you wear as long as it looks good on you.
by elliot<33 April 27, 2006
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