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A glob is an extremely large dab of hash oil. They are not meant to be taken by amateur smokers.
Damn Jwall these dabs are pretty good, but I'm thinking we need to start takin globs!
by greenlowtops March 02, 2012
Good Looking Old Bitch. Describes an older woman that is not known to be a MILF
Wow. she is hot. Dude she's a GLOB
by Josh May 21, 2004
Cryptic terminology used by a group of promiscious, backstabbing, meth-smoking, BB gun-slinging teenagers from Hertfordshire to talk about a mutual friend behind his back.
For instance, "Hey Michael! Did you see what /Glob/ just ate?"
"Yeah, John, I did! Stupid fat faggot."
by skinnybrah November 23, 2013
The act of causing pain.

Open your hand in a claw type manner, and then grab the closest human stomach to you and squeeze.

Glob works best on overweight people.
Keep messing with me, I'm going to Glob you.
by Streetsweeper777 June 24, 2009
Internal Ejaculation. The act of blowing your load with no condom while the penis is inside the vagina leaving a gooey mess.
Guy#1: Hey, did you use a condom with Sarah last night man?
Guy#2: No i globbed in her!
Guy#1: ....nice!
by Smalley-Mo August 11, 2010
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