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Derived from combining green and bling. Gling is an ostentatious display of objects signifying a person or company's commitment to all things green and environmentally-friendly.
He has a lot of gling: solar panels, a Prius and hemp fiber clothing.
by trombone man April 07, 2011
v. glinged. A combination of the words bling and glomp. Typically used when someone glomps an individual who is wearing a large amount of jewelry. Also used when the person doing the glomping is wearing a large amount of jewelry.
Dang, when you glinged me just now your bling got all up in my crib!
by LauraMars September 12, 2005
"Glow Bling"
Glowing accessories worn at raves and Burning Man.
You're gonna be invisible on the Playa, girl! You need more gling!
by Fitzroy August 21, 2008
Gay Bling
Bling that a homosexual would stunt
Jess: Do you like these new shades? I think they make me look like a magenta crayon, it was either these or the glinged out ones.

David: ya stick with the crayon ones.
by Davidedos June 17, 2009

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