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v. glinged. A combination of the words bling and glomp. Typically used when someone glomps an individual who is wearing a large amount of jewelry. Also used when the person doing the glomping is wearing a large amount of jewelry.
Dang, when you glinged me just now your bling got all up in my crib!
by LauraMars September 12, 2005
4 3
Derived from combining green and bling. Gling is an ostentatious display of objects signifying a person or company's commitment to all things green and environmentally-friendly.
He has a lot of gling: solar panels, a Prius and hemp fiber clothing.
by trombone man April 07, 2011
6 6
"Glow Bling"
Glowing accessories worn at raves and Burning Man.
You're gonna be invisible on the Playa, girl! You need more gling!
by Fitzroy August 21, 2008
2 3
Gay Bling
Bling that a homosexual would stunt
Jess: Do you like these new shades? I think they make me look like a magenta crayon, it was either these or the glinged out ones.

David: ya stick with the crayon ones.
by Davidedos June 17, 2009
2 4