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geek and/or looser referring to someone who is gay, wierd, kinda bonkey or binky and has no "hot" physical qualities.
TOM! you are such a gleek all you do is sit at the computer and play solitare!
by sarah FOSSSS May 17, 2007
See also fags: Homosexual mens and womens who love some Glee
Is that dude watching glee??

Why yes he is, he is a homosexual glee fan now trying to be called Gleeks

Oh, thats gay

That is the point
by krisitgotabigbooty April 27, 2010
To accidentally slightly poop your pants when you thought you were just farting. Usually happens when someone has diarrhea.
"I thought I had this huge fart I needed to get out, but then I gleeked my pants!"
by Jadem August 24, 2005
Actually, you all, it is a saliva-type discharge from the vagina.
Oi! You gleeked in my eye, Betty!
by Sky January 19, 2005