a gleek is a fan of the American show Glee
The gleeks couldn't wait for the next Glee episode to air.
by A.NO November 13, 2013
somebody who is obsessed with the new show 'glee'
used in a jokey way
Arthur: Hey, did you catch the latest episode of Glee? I've already seen it twice
Gertrude: OMG you're such a Gleek!
by BarbieDollTilly March 04, 2010
glee fan
you are the best gleek ever!
by Lurban May 15, 2014
To regurgitate spit by pressing on the spit gland at the rear of your throat, thus creating a projectile effect in astounding quantities.
Guy1: OMG, did you see that totally stupid nerd running down the hall the other day? Vince or whatever?

Guy2: Oh, yeah, the one I gleeked on?

Guy1: Ha, me too, bro! Nice! -High 5-
by the_realistic_numbers112 July 19, 2011
A person who is obsessed with and has been a loyal viewer of the show 'Glee' since its original air date in February of 2009.
William has never missed an episode of glee before.. he is such a gleek!!
by gleeker0815 November 27, 2010
A person obsessed with the hit series 'Glee'. A Gleek is often a social nonidentity, struggling to fit in which is why they watch the show.
Person A: Hey look at that Gleek over there sitting by themself, they're so weird.
Person B: C'Mon, they're a Gleek, what did you expect?
Person A: Guess so... moving on
by frizzy lizzy September 08, 2011
someone who is obsessed with the tv show Glee on fox. They have never missed an episode of glee and just the thought of it makes them freak out. In the event that their cable went out they would go across the street and watch with other gleeks. They can watch the same episode over and over again and never get tired of it. They loving introducing people to Glee and turning them into gleeks.
The gleek could not stop talking about how AMAZING last nights episode was and is really excited to see the next episode.
by dancer24 April 21, 2010

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