Slang term for an avid viewer or follower of the musical comedy tv show "glee"

a gleek characteristically breaks into song at random moments during the day. Can also be found trying explain the latest episode to cooler members of the community, who really couldn't give a damn.
Person 1: Oh dude don't look now here comes chris
Person 2: oh man, hes such a gleek. he spent an hour last week trying to expain to me how cool their rendition of lean on me was..
Chris: HEY GUYS!!!! omg! did u see glee last night they did this musical number that was like omg so cool and....(goes on and on)
by jokepoacher November 26, 2009
the use of ones saliva glands to shoot the saliva a credible disatnce, with the intention of hitting someone
I gleeked all over her and she loved it.
by BHynes March 08, 2007
when a guy and a girl are having buttsex, the guy will pull out, gleek (projectile spit coming from the glands under the tounge) on the girls back to make her believe he came. and when she turns around he will cum on her face.
"Damm man that girl is fine, hit the gleek on that!"
by shaboopalaboopy11 July 17, 2009
Bert's amazing ability to shoot saliva out of megasweet glands in his mouth, shooting it at nice distances and getting a heavy amount of saliva into it.
Tyler: Bert, thats nasty.
Bert: Dude, gleek is righteousness gnarly.
by ll3ert March 21, 2007
When people have braces and they push spit up to their teeth and it sprays out in small drops.
ew! stop gleeking on me!
There's gleek all over the desk...gross.
by Morgan.Jade February 05, 2009
1. A gleeful geek.
2. A word that is best used when said in a goofy manner to express gleefulness, or during awkward situations as to light up the situation. To add extra excitement, it is accompanied by an upward head movement and a grin.
1. As Ryan made me belly laugh about stupid things during class, I said, "We're such gleeks."
2. History class was so boring, and me and Ryan had nothing to talk about so instead he said out of the blue, "Gleek!"
by Emerz August 19, 2007
to spit a liquid of any kind (except your own saliva)through a gap in your two front teeth
Dude! You totally just gleeked your water on me!

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