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when a joke is said quietly to a friend and that friend repeats it loud enough for the entire room to laugh.
Joke poach:
teacher: belgium is the cockpit of europe, and im not talking about aeroplanes
student 1: (to friend) i dont think anyone was thinking about planes
friend: haha, (loud) MISS! i dont think anyone was thinking about planes!
student 1: dude u totally poached my joke
by jokepoacher July 01, 2009
the feeling one gets whilst realising during a haircut that the hairdresser is taking just a little too much off. Results in excess sweating and the desire to tell the hairdresser, but being too polite to do so.
"I was sitting at the salon and that hairdresser with the moustache just kept cutting.I was freakin' out she was giving me such bad salon anxiety"
by jokepoacher August 29, 2009
Slang term for an avid viewer or follower of the musical comedy tv show "glee"

a gleek characteristically breaks into song at random moments during the day. Can also be found trying explain the latest episode to cooler members of the community, who really couldn't give a damn.
Person 1: Oh dude don't look now here comes chris
Person 2: oh man, hes such a gleek. he spent an hour last week trying to expain to me how cool their rendition of lean on me was..
Chris: HEY GUYS!!!! omg! did u see glee last night they did this musical number that was like omg so cool and....(goes on and on)
by jokepoacher November 26, 2009

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