To spit saliva from your mouth by splashing it with the bottom of your tongue. Sometimes people gleek involuntarily while talking because the drool piles up in the bottom of their mouth.
"You just gleeked on me! For crying out loud, spit or swallow!"
by UrbanLinguistics March 03, 2015
Gleeking is when you stimulate the submandibular glands underneath your tongue into gushing a concentrated jet of pure saliva. Sometimes it happens naturally when you yawn (especially while eating Starburst) but it takes practice and concentration to gleek on purpose. Some advanced gleekers can squirt up to 10 feet in distance.
My brother in law Brandon can gleek on que! On a good day he can gleek over 6 feet!
by dugiefresh September 30, 2014
To eject a thin squirt of saliva from underneath ones tongue. Usually directed onto someone else’s face unexpectedly. Unless you have “mate” who does it on purpose. A gleeker is also known to ambush you with a cupcake (fart in the hand). They are also proficient in the art of the stink finger attack. I think this “friend” may have invented the term “gleek” back in the early 80’s at school. He is quite possibly the guru of Gleekism.
“F#@king hell, Mitch stop gleeking on my face you filthy shit”
by Campbell High October 28, 2009
An enthusiast of the FOX show, Glee; A Glee Geek
Jake: I think I'm going to start doing the assignments Mr. Shoester assigns the New Directions Club on Glee.
Amy: You're such a gleek.
by sunglasses616 May 13, 2010
A gleek is a fan of the show Glee.

If you are a fan who loves Glee, you may call your self a Gleek.

Lima loser is acceptable too.

*Credit given to Lily with a Y*
Lili:"Did YOU watch Glee last night?"
Lily:"Of Course! Were Gleeks!"
by lilisgr8erthanyou November 19, 2009
A fangirl or boy of the show Glee. Secretley wishes to get slushied in the face. Has a mental list of their favorite solos, duets, and group numbers from the show. Probably has downloaded at least 10 glee songs off itunes. Loves to hate Sue Sylvester. Wonders why everyone on the show is so damn hot. A gleek devotes a portion of their life to glee, soaking in the weekly drama and wondering what will happen next after each and every episode. When the glee club wins nationals, a gleek feels like a winner themselves, since they have practically been on the road with the New Directions since the pilot episode. Probably ships Finchel, Klaine, Britanna, or Quick.
Is that seriously Suzy's 7th episode of glee in a row? God, get off the couch already you frickin gleek!
by babygigi June 24, 2014
a gleek is a fan of the American show Glee
The gleeks couldn't wait for the next Glee episode to air.
by A.NO November 13, 2013
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