The sometimes unintentional projectile discharge of saliva directly from the salivary glands.
Some Gentleman: "Goodness please say it; don't spray it!"
Another Gentleman "I apologize profusely! I've had some salty food and subsequently let several gleeks out!"
by Alisson April 27, 2010
The little involuntary bit of spit that sometimes squirts out of one's motuh when they yawn, chew, talk, or just open their mouth. Some gleekers can do it on command.
Guy # 1: Dude, you totally just gleeked all over the table.

Guy # 2: Oh, sorry. (wipes gleek away with his fist)

Dude Numero Uno: God, I was talking to Hawt Chick # 17 the other day and I totally gleeked all ove her face!
Dudes Numero Dos-nueve: DIBS!
by Manchester Orchestra May 16, 2009
Pushing your tongue inside your mouth making a stream of spit come shooting out
Guy: *gleek*
girl: gross! You gleeked on my shoes!
by ZyxCba December 12, 2010
building up saliva in the salivary glands using some stimulus, like sour food or yawning, and then pressing the tongue upon the glands, causing the saliva to shoot out, usually at an impressive distance.
Shit, Eric just gleeked all over my food!
by mike April 26, 2003
The use of saliva glands to shoot saliva at another person
"I was drive-by gleeked!"
-Ian Kinsler after he was gleeked by the equally hot Michael Young and/or Brandon McCarthy
by TessK July 08, 2009
A blue space monkey that was a supporting character in the various iterations of the popular 70s/80s DC Comics cartoon franchise Super Friends, a loose adaptation of the company's ever popular Justice League comic book.
(Should not be confused with the other kind of gleek, a fan of the abysmal FOX show Glee )
Girl: I love Glee so much, I'm such a gleek!
Guy: You mean you're a blue monkey from a crappy 80s cartoon?
by Tomontherun999 June 01, 2012
the act of squirting a small stream of saliva from somewhere under the tongue or in the cheek. could be from a black hole, no one knows. can happen on accident when yawning or can be done on purpose, mostly on people to bug them. can be called cobra yawn when done on accident. name comes from the sound that is sometimes made.
1. That Taylor chick would not stop gleeking on me in health class so I almost smacked her.

2. I gleeked on my worksheet and didn't notice until I tried to write on it and the paper tore.
by xXxNeVeRmOrExXx May 17, 2009
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