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When a man rubs his semen covered member about his partner's face the create the effect of a 'semen glaze.'

Typically seen in porn flicks where the man, upon inflicting a righteous facial, puts a glazing of semen on his partner's face by rubbing his member back and forth to smear the semen.
Rocco gave Gina a wicked facial and left a glazing on her upper lip.
by Dirty Webster August 20, 2003
The act of ejaculating on photos of your recent ex-girlfriend and then burning them. Only valid if burned post-glaze.
"Oh damn, spent all this weekend glazing photos of my ex-girlfriend. Have any gasoline?"
by onesaddude December 11, 2013
To undertake actions in the style of the distinctive mannerism of a famous individual surnamed "Glazer"; the specific trait in question relates to a context of social networking, in which a notably developed series of comments is 'Glazed' by the addition of an entirely irrelavant and undirected comment or annecdote.
Archie: Just watched Arnie on film4 - Amazing!

Barbara: I love that film - awesome!

Regulus: haha "Get to the chopper" lolz

Smee: Guns, explosions, muscles and puns- perfect!

Barbara: Damn right Smee - perfect friday night viewing!

Archie: "Let off some steam Bennett!"

Dale: Brilliant! Hillarious action! Classic!

Archie: Did you catch it too Dale? Ace!

Glazing: The dog has come back from his walk COVERED in mud. My goodness he has his naughty head on tonight!!

*names and real comments are substituted to protect the innocent*
by The Third Khaaal March 25, 2011
To do rebellious things with donuts while eating donuts. Also used to make fun of people who like to blaze
Dude, you are so glazing right now!
by Storm1211 September 14, 2010
When you're bangin' two chicks, and after your dick pukes on one of them the other rubs her tits/stomach against the other's creating a glaze on both of them.
Hey man, I had these freaky chicks over last night and gave them a glazing
by Hank James April 28, 2011
Corporate-speak for sleeping with your eyes open; a popular pastime at conferences and early-morning meetings.
“Didn’t he notice that by the second session half the room was glazing?”
by officer July 18, 2005
verb: to glaze
to glaze means to flirt with someone, usually of the same sex but not required to still be known as glazing.
friend: "Hey you look really hot in that dress. Dang, i want some." you: "Are u glazing on me?!"

Friend: "Wow you're so good at that, i love it!" your other friend: "are you glazing on her?!?"

you: "dude that guy is really hot, think i'm gonna glaze on him."
by WheelchairNarwhal February 26, 2011
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