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V. To use high-powered weaponry such as nuclear bombs on large populations
-The fuck is up with this Middle East shit?
-I know man, we should just glass them.
by SwiggitySwagWhatsInTheBag? March 23, 2014
Commonly used in science fiction as the act of destroying an entire planet through constant ordnance bombardment.
Reach was glassed by the Covenant. The Reapers are going to glass Thessia.
by ucantceeme December 01, 2011
a term photographers use to refer to their lenses.
dude, he's got 8000 bucks worth of glass in his bag!

noobs argue about camera bodies, amateurs argue about glass, pros let their work do the arguing
by MZDC April 23, 2006
v. The act of breaking a glass upon the head of, or inserting a broken glass into the body of, another individual, usu. in a bar or nightclub and involving a lot of alcohol, somebody else's girlfriend or untoward eye contact.
I've nearly finished my drink, so if that prick winks at my lady again, I'm going to glass 'im.
by sticks May 21, 2004
Pieces of glass inside a frame used to cover one's eyes to correct vision. Can be made with a concave or convex lense. Nowadays can be made fashionable, or can be replaced with contacts.
Erika has to get GLASSES, but they are Ninetendo brand, so she doesn't mind.
Alex is a geek because he wears GLASSES.
by Erika August 28, 2004
Surf term for the inside of a perfect pipe. To get glass is to (while shooting a pipe) to run your hand through the back of the wave to distrub the almost completely undisturbed curl of wave.
Dude that pipe is total glass.
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
to totally destroy something with REALLY big guns and stuff (representing the ground being heated and fused into glass)
the americans glassed hiroshima in 1945
by shadow sword April 02, 2004