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Some one who wears shoes and socks on a beach, usually a tourist who just plain piss off surfers.
"man check that shoebe, what a dork"
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
The fat kid who sits at the back of your class with big sun glasses on to hide the fact he is obviously been hitin' the hash. He is loud, annoying, with terriable body oder and will hit you up for money and never pay you back.

A Smeirdon will think he can drive like Sterling Moss but actually has less skill then Wyonia Rider has at shop lifting.

If you meet a Smeirdon run and if he asks for your number don't give it out or he will continue to phone you just to talk about nothing at all or that he is lost in a park and high as shit, it's 2 am and could come pick him up.
Oh man that fucking smeirdon in are english class stole my bike.

Learn to drive you fucking smeirdon!!!
by Rickman69 March 01, 2005
The act of rubbing surfboard wax on someones car's windows and head lights. this is normally done to some out-of-towner who tries to move in on your local surf territory.
man someone totaly waxed your car.
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
surfer lingo for a mixed up ocean that's all foam and no waves.
"Man the surf sucks today, it's all soup."
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
Surf term for the inside of a perfect pipe. To get glass is to (while shooting a pipe) to run your hand through the back of the wave to distrub the almost completely undisturbed curl of wave.
Dude that pipe is total glass.
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
a slang term for Virgins
dude you are such a young blood
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005

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