Gladis is a girl who's funny , smart , beautiful, and can be a smartass but that's what you love about her because she's amazing and you just wanna be with her
Guy 1: Damn who is that ?
Guy 2: That's Gladis

Guy: 1 I wish she was my girl

Guy 2: Me too smh
by TexasForLife March 05, 2015
a horny girl who likes salad tossing originally from cali, area unknown
"Have you ever had your salad tossed"?


gladis:we'll see ;)
by suck itttt January 09, 2005
One that is nosey and constanly up in everyone's business
Damn gladis, how'd u get so nosey...
by Erin July 12, 2004
see edna
edna's crusty friend who always comes over to edna's house to play bridge
gladis is a dyke...
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