A very common word that rednecks use to replace the word get.
'Git in the chevy billy bob
by dstroy December 19, 2007
"Sweet Jesus, you are such a git!"
by PSHAW. July 28, 2008
An expression used in the Southeastern United States meaning 'Get along!'.
When the dog is in my way, I tell it to 'Git!'.
by AnnieL February 01, 2007
1. an exclamation to want something to leave. 2. to go somewhere.
1. GIT! 2. Let's Git.
by Colonel Krackers March 13, 2003
The fat that lies upon ones stomach. One acquires git while eating plentiful amounts while drinking cold paps. Some people are born with git and will always got git.
Gernick got git. He sits in his apartment, drinks IC Light and eats Subway all the time. He'll always got git.
by JT Dice May 31, 2007
"git" is polish word and people say that if they think something is good/if they like something
Git. (I like it.)
Ten film jest naprawde git. (I think this movie is really good)
by slav May 13, 2006
to retaliate with disproportionate force with verbal and nonconventional warfare, very much like the state of israel did in the summer of 2006 as they battled the guerillas of hizbollah and their goddam homemade katyusha rockets
ie, "I told him he might want to get a haircut, and the dude totally went Git on me and burnt my house down."
by The F Truck is Dead September 12, 2006
*A term that goes with other offense-purpose words like idiot, asshole, cunt, dumbass, etc.

*Southern pronunciation of "get".
"Quit being a git!"
-something one would tell an asshole

"If the alarm don't quit, up you must git!"
-what my alarm clock tells me; it's a black dude that is a lawyer I guess
by Dave March 27, 2004
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