G.I.T= Gay Interracial Transvestite
Typically, extremely white and tends to buldge at the belt. Also the G.I.Ts tend to dress more like women. So watch the eff out!
Rob: Ho'shit! that guy is such a G.I.T!
Chris: Oh Dayym! you be right!
by Robbierto March 17, 2008
An insult commonly found in the Harry Potter series. Probably British. Means, someone with no manners and who is constantly annoying people.
*someone has their elbows on the table during a fancy dinner*

Random person: "Git"

*Throws gravy on them*

Several more people: "GIT!"

*random person chattering on with bad jokes and annoying everyone*

Other person: "Stop being such a git!!!!"
by Vanessa Clyde July 27, 2011
GIT -- Guys (or Girls) I Text
Mollie: Oh my god Shenae you are always talking to that git
Shenae: Hey, what can I say, I love my gits!
by Sir Biggie J November 18, 2010
Something that wiggers use to describe a small anoying person.
(Wigger): Git get me my 40 git
(Wigger): Git im so hard.
(Wigger): Git
by -p3n1s!! March 06, 2010
A girl that likes to hit guys to a point where it is no longer deemed "cute". (pronounced Jit)
Max: Shit that git doesn't know when to stop.
JA: Seriously, what a turn off.
by JA.MC September 07, 2009
Term often used by Delboy Trotter. Usually adressing Grandad or uncle Albert.
"Go on, and make your own cup of tea, you lazy ol git"
by Dinamo Zagreb November 06, 2007
slang for ozzy. better known as tg007 admin. as in ozzy is a git.
ozzy is equal to git
by unknown00745 January 10, 2006

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