A very young or short girl
"I rolled out to the club and there was nothin but gits"
by Trench January 23, 2003
Sultana's on sick leave!!
Where is he today?

He is Git.
by Kurt June 25, 2003
lame, boring
"You are so git for not going to the game last night, Sally!"
by Carol E. March 24, 2003
Scottish slang meaning to kiss/snog someone
Are you gittin\' off wi\' Kate?
by Mark D Young April 26, 2005
The delicate parts of the female anatomy. Also used to describe the whole female sometimes.
"I need to see the git" - I've got the horn and need to go out and get some pussy.
by Cybergibbons August 03, 2004
All the other people suck. It means your mother is a hooker...seriously...not hard. Thats what it means. Not stupid or an arsehole...just that yo mamma is on the game. People use it when somone is a cunt, like most swear words..but thats not what most of them mean.
"Man, apple martin, thats one fucked up name, and I heard yo mammas a right git?"
"Fucking right man, have you seen Vanilla sky?"

"You are a git, yes you, the one reading this, you may not know, but yo mamma is not where you think she is, shes in my friend's bed..."
by Gaz May 18, 2005
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