acronym for "gangster in training"
Look at those gits on the corner selling dope.
by smartbrother April 22, 2005
A Helpless Little Boy
"Shut Up Git"
"You Ain't Going To Do Shit Git"
by DMoney December 04, 2003
It's another name for Jeppo.
Jeppo you GIT!
by Dave November 04, 2003
a pregnant camel in the sahara
man that camels fat or man thats one pregnant camel
by the doctor March 22, 2005
someone who is a right nasty bastard OR you can say someone looks like a git (mr bean type)
the git is always in my way
by .... November 07, 2003
A very young or short girl
"I rolled out to the club and there was nothin but gits"
by Trench January 23, 2003
Sultana's on sick leave!!
Where is he today?

He is Git.
by Kurt June 25, 2003

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