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Bread Winners Association
Meaning someone who gets money.

Usually a term used by Puerto Rican/ African American rapper Kevin Gates
Aye bro what you all about ?

Man you know I'm with that bwa
#moola #ymcmb #money #cash #records
by Almighty Alysa 😈 March 29, 2015
Stands for Bitch(es) with Attitude; a confident and fiesty female. Mainly used to categorize two female friends who are known to be wild
1.As soon as they walked in the club, we could tell they were B.W.A .
2.Dont f**K with them, they're B.W.A
#fiesty #wild #loose #badd #crump
by Whitley_101 October 12, 2007
BWA = Bitch With Attitude. Referred to girls who think they can pass life with this kind of behavior. Also, those who are mean, lack of social skills and got serious attitude problems.
"Look, that girl is a BWA!"
"She is such a BWA!"
"Oh man, Id like to smack that BWA!"
#bitch #attitude #girl #girls #women
by banananananann October 12, 2008
An expression of indifference, also can be an expression of confusion.

Sometimes is used when one's interest is piqued.
A:What do you want for dinner?

A:Look! A Giraffe's rampaging through town?
B: Bwa? o.O;

A: I just baked your favorite cake.
B: Bwa!?
by Kori-san! August 26, 2003
Below the waist activity. Any sexual activity that occurs below the waistline.
"I made out with that guy I met at the club all night long."
"Did the two of you sleep together?"
"Yea, but there was no BWA"
#tap #stick it #oral #anal #sex
by besitosparati July 29, 2009
An expression of indifference; mostly neutral, not caring or lacking opinion but still giving a reaction.

Sometimes indicates there's something more going on then expressed.
"What do you think of this dress?!"
"Bwa.. , It's ok."

"She's such a fucking hoe, what do you think?"
"Bwa.. I don't know her that well."

"Do you think she's more attractive then me?"
by BelgainDSoul August 06, 2003
A Big White ass. big fabulous bouncing donkey butt. bubbly and wonderful.
(B)IG (W)HITE (A)SS is a picture of an OKAY, not the best BWA
#bwa #bethisgangsta #ass #booty #donkey #butt
by bethisgangsta January 01, 2009
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