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A girl who's your friend but treats you like a boyfriend without the positive benefits. Such as sex, emotional support and compassion.
Sandy is such a girlfiend, she is always nagging and bitching about me going out with my guy friends and leaving her bored.
by SeacrestBear November 18, 2010
A girlfiend is a girl seems to be part demon in nature. It seems like the most important part of the relationship is the sex... the rest of the relationship is just miserable where she treats you horrible. Almost every night you wonder if your performance was good enough or if you failed and she is going to devour your soul while you sleep. Yet the sex is so good you keep going back...
A girlfiend will constantly nag you and picks on you yet neither of you walks away... like the purpose of the relationship has some darker hidden agenda other than your standard relationship.
by Tsureshon February 02, 2011
The one who nicks your money, demands your time, blunts your razors, whines about your mates and beats you up in bed. But you love her
'Sorry I can't come to the match, the girlfiend is coming over'
by The original girlfiend January 22, 2004

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