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Gingerbreading is when a man or woman violently accosts an individual or series of individuals, with the sole intent of performing fellatio.

Gingerbread Men, or Gingerbread Women, generally have little to no self-respect, and achieve a primary sense of self-worth by forcibly jamming the cocks of strangers or acquaintances down their throat.

When performed on a group of men exceeding 6 individuals, Gingerbreading is known as a "Gingerbread House."
Tim: "Hey dude, so how do you like Allison?"

Mark: "That chick is scary, dude. She's been Gingerbreading guys all night."

Tim: "Yeah, she does that sometimes."
by Enderwign December 13, 2007
To violently attack in a cock sucking (fellatio) rampage.
~AAGGGHH! It's a massacre, Chuck Norris is gingerbreading hords of waterfowl!

~Watch out that snowman is gingergreading people.
by gidows June 01, 2006
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