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Release 2.3 of Google's Android.

There is still a lot unknown about Gingerbread, it is said that Google will release a music store and that 2.3 will support video calls, but that has not been confirmed. Gingerbread will have better integration with social networks and is likely to support (online) games as well.

A: Have you seen that Gingerbread demo?

B: From Shrek?

A: Never mind...
by Milanifan December 07, 2010
fully loaded,all the bells and whistles
this car has all ginger bread installed
by Richard Morin July 29, 2004
To Gingerbread is the act of violently and forcibly performing fellatio on an individual without their prior consent.

Gingerbread Men, or Gingerbread Women, often attack without warning, forcibly jamming the cocks of their victims down their throat repeatedly.

Sometimes it is better not to resist a Gingerbread attack, as doing so may cause damage to clothes, skin, or worst of all, your penis.

When performed on a group of men exceeding 6 individuals, Gingerbreading is known as a "Gingerbread House."

Mike: "Dude, Jim totally freaked out last night and tried to Gingerbread me."

James: "What? ...Well did you let him?"

Mike: "Hell no, I'm--ok, maybe just for a minute. But he like wouldn't let go, man, I thought he was gonna rip my cock off."

James: "That's pretty gay, dude."

Mike: "He's a total Gingerbread Man. I tried to stop him, and he ripped my pants."
by Enderwign December 13, 2007
The official nickname of Grantham Town football club, formed in 1874 the Gingerbreads official website is
Grantham played Middlesborough in the third round proper of the FA Cup during the 1973/74 season. It is the furthest the Gingerbreads have ever reached in the cup.
by Andy Sutton November 01, 2005
The wealth and money that a Ginger person has.
(If you see a hot girl with a Ginger) "She after that Gingerbread"
by Big_A March 29, 2016
a person who's hair is of a reddish shade of brown. unlike gingers, gingerbreads have souls, and may or may not have pasty colored skin.
he's a gingerbread: he indeed does have a soul.
by greenisbetterthancopperr February 02, 2011
To pee publicly on stairwells then run from the authorities screaming "You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man"
Did you hear about that Freshman gingerbreading in the quad yesterday?

Wait a second man, I gotta gingerbread this Muthafucka
by Stephen Glass October 03, 2007
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