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Gingerbreading is when a man or woman violently accosts an individual or series of individuals, with the sole intent of performing fellatio.

Gingerbread Men, or Gingerbread Women, generally have little to no self-respect, and achieve a primary sense of self-worth by forcibly jamming the cocks of strangers or acquaintances down their throat.

When performed on a group of men exceeding 6 individuals, Gingerbreading is known as a "Gingerbread House."
Tim: "Hey dude, so how do you like Allison?"

Mark: "That chick is scary, dude. She's been Gingerbreading guys all night."

Tim: "Yeah, she does that sometimes."
by Enderwign December 13, 2007
To Gingerbread is the act of violently and forcibly performing fellatio on an individual without their prior consent.

Gingerbread Men, or Gingerbread Women, often attack without warning, forcibly jamming the cocks of their victims down their throat repeatedly.

Sometimes it is better not to resist a Gingerbread attack, as doing so may cause damage to clothes, skin, or worst of all, your penis.

When performed on a group of men exceeding 6 individuals, Gingerbreading is known as a "Gingerbread House."

Mike: "Dude, Jim totally freaked out last night and tried to Gingerbread me."

James: "What? ...Well did you let him?"

Mike: "Hell no, I'm--ok, maybe just for a minute. But he like wouldn't let go, man, I thought he was gonna rip my cock off."

James: "That's pretty gay, dude."

Mike: "He's a total Gingerbread Man. I tried to stop him, and he ripped my pants."
by Enderwign December 13, 2007
A rounded, un-sharpened area on the blade of a knife, designed to give the user additional control of the knife, or in some cases to keep the knife from closing on the user's hand if the lock fails.
"I'm so sick of watching YouTube videos where dumb hicks pronounce Choil 'Choy-ill' instead of Coil! Hasn't anyone ever heard of silent letters?"
by Enderwign February 02, 2009
A derogatory slang term for Prostitute.
Jim: "Hey Mike, let's go get one of those Fish Snackers."
Mike: "No thanks, I've already slept with your girlfriend."
by Enderwign September 10, 2007
When one is wilin' out, often but not exclusively in situations that are hazardous. Having a wide range of applications within the vernacular, "acting a fool" can apply equally to jovial tomfoolery between contemporaries as it can to verbal threats directed at any individual who ought to slow their roll to avoid serious consequences.

In popular culture: As featured on the soundtrack to 1994’s “Above The Rim,” Tupac Shakur describes a turbulent period of troublemaking in high school: “I was a fool all through high school, kickin’ up dust,” later on the track “acting a fool” is used as synonymous with the same behavior.

Xzibit uses the phrase to as a descriptor synonymous with “sprung” in the S&M-themed hit “Choke Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair,” whereas on “Act A Fool,” Mac Dre describes the complicated relationship between an attractive woman and her suitor.
"Tell me whatcha gon' do? Act a fool." -Ludacris
"He sprung, dawg; actin' a fool every time she around!"
by Enderwign August 22, 2015

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