1. (adjective) Tight, awesome, cool, sweet, or otherwise insanely positive.
2. Crunk, pumped up, crazy, hyped.
3. A word that can be used to describe something so utterly perfect that was previously thought to be indescribable.
1. "The earring in our waiter's ear was so gingee."
2. "Talking about these black bears has got me so freakin' gingee yo!!"
3. Mohandis- "This Grand Am is so awesomely perfect, I can't even think of a word to describe it."
Congeorgio (in awe) - "Gingee."
by Battlestar Galactica February 06, 2009
Top Definition
A male penis, either erect or limp.
Did you see that gingee on that bull? holy shit that thing was huge

Laquiqui was telling taiesha that tyrone has a small gingee, can you balead dat?
by NATELeGayDOGGY December 17, 2013
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