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As originated on The Simpsons, Gimbles is used to describe someone or something who has been fired, quit, or in general is just gone.
Example 1:

Agnes: Gimbels is gone, Marge, long gone. You're Gimbels.

Example 2:
Reece: Where's the beer?
Kenny: I asked Willie to pick it up since he works right beside the beer store, but he didn't want to.
Reece: Oh so Willie's Gimbles.
by Donny Planet January 14, 2010
1)a good for nothing.
2)a compulsive liar.
3)someone who 'pops' their collar
1) don't ask that gimble to do it, it'll never ever get done, hell will have frozen over first.
2) he tell's more lies than pinnocchio, what a total gimble!
3) dude, you like such a gimble, fix your goddamn collar.
by greenmachine September 04, 2006
One who refuses to make sandwiches.
I think we should make some sandwiches for the boys
nah i don't think so
c'mon dont be a gimble and make them
by spiderbrian June 17, 2011
The dangly bits between a pirate's legs.
Argh, matey. My gimbles took a beating today.
by ontos.13 January 19, 2015
to throw up, projectile vomiting
i played a drinking game and gimbled my guts out.
by drinking man micky jo July 16, 2008
1. to make holes like a gimlet
1. He's going to gimble the wood.
by zeekage October 26, 2003
To Hold in a barf about to come hurling outwards!
... Even if it's just a wee one..
1.- if you can feel the acid burning your throat, BAM! There you go, you just Gimbled!
2.- 'Eww i just gimbled! It was like, all nasty n' Sh*t... ew'
3.- 'Duuude! I just gimbled! hope the sharks like it! GNARLY!'
4.- 'To Gimble, or not to Gimble, THAT IS THE QUESTION...' *doesn't hold in gimble and hurls over the wooing crowd*
by Saiges May 29, 2008
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