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creating an act of talent for a celebrity crush and successfully getting them to contact you.

so named after Chelsea Gill who on January 2nd 2012 wrote a song for celebrity jason segel which he saw and took her and her twin sister out to the comedy awards later that week.
i'm going to make a Gilling video and maybe patrick fugit will see it and reply back to me.
by kryz-D January 14, 2012
Gillingshire is full of golden palaces with giant gardens full of exotic animals ,
protected by the G.R.A (Gilling Republican Army) and an ultimate rival to the cumberlands
I have a lion pride in my back yard , never see them though...
by Renbear October 15, 2004
the act of engaging in gay sex
Brian was gilling with all the guys at the festival. He would not stop plowing guys left and right.
by omnipotent one March 25, 2007
a fat off girl who is fat and smells and is not quite as hot or sexy as jam master j who actually does have a six pack and a large willy
h gilling jam master j has a huge 1
by payne January 11, 2005

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