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creating an act of talent for a celebrity crush and successfully getting them to contact you.

so named after Chelsea Gill who on January 2nd 2012 wrote a song for celebrity jason segel which he saw and took her and her twin sister out to the comedy awards later that week.
i'm going to make a Gilling video and maybe patrick fugit will see it and reply back to me.
by kryz-D January 14, 2012
the FAIL version of Gilling in which instead of making a talented attempt to meet a celebrity crush chooses to additionally mock someone's original idea in their video and do the childish "NO PICK ME NOT HER LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME" thing.
see youtube video example for anti-gilling directly under the original Chelsea Gill Gilling "jason segel song" video. this skelator looking chick just screams "i'm a slutty bitch with no talent or originality"
by kryz-D January 14, 2012

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