baby I'm gonna bust your gills!
by Maximus August 06, 2003
a sexy soccer player who would rather be playing soccer than have sex
Dude A: Woah look at that girl
Dude B: Don't get your hopes up she's such a gill
by Tommy C. April 11, 2007
Loves to get pearl necklaces and when intoxicated will get a blank eyed expression.
Also appreciates young boys
That girl is shitfaced I just saw her eat a kebab of the floor on bridge street she's just so Gill
by HamilToeXX February 05, 2010
The Gurd
"Quit being a Gurd, Gurd"
by Nigel Corruthers May 24, 2003
meaning one who masterbiates too often; a constant masterbiation; (v.)one who likes to beat the mean
John likes to gill when he is alone.
by Chunk March 22, 2005
a vw loving jew. Gill's may be seen at all social work gatherings, or, on occasion, living in the woods for years at a time. Gill's often are abnormally concerned about a lack of cell phone minutes, even on the first day of a billing cycle. Words of wisdom...never call a Gill before 9pm.
Daniel Gill is such a Gill.
by Ryan Matthew Pinkham February 23, 2005
synonym to syke; a word used to say yeah right, you wish, dream on.
Resident Advisor: "Can I smell what's in that Solo cup."
Underage College Student: "yeah sure, GILL!!!"


Guy: "I really think you are hot, wanna go out sometime?"
Fugly Girl: "Really? Yeah!"
Guy: "GILL!!!"
by casey January 11, 2005

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