A person who is always cracking jokes, He has a big heart -and down below- one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. A Gil likes usually likes the color blue and loves hanging out with friends, Gil's tend to be on the fit side and when they fall for someone they tell them. Gil's don't like to play games, they love Chinese food and they love their family. Gil's are verry supportive for there friends and family, Also Gil's are VERRY sexy, aka the hottie with the body.
Gil: *knock knock*

Alex: Who's there?

Gil: Doris

Alex: Doris who?

Gil: Door is locked that's why i'm knocking
by Avenged_shadows November 14, 2013
Gym Is Life: an expression used to communicate one's fondness for, and worship of, the gym experience.
Time to get my GIL on.
by DarrenB October 06, 2010
The unit of currency used in the Final Fantasy series of computer games. Used to buy weapons, items, materia, and other purchases. Often gained as l00t in battle, from NPCs, or in treasure chests.
I saved up my Gil and bought a film orb.

Omg, you have 999,999 Gil! 1337!

Tidus from FFX needs to be fined about 100,000 Gil for having the stupidest voice actor I've ever heard in my life.
by Kenasuta December 21, 2003
Awkward, anti-social. Creeper. Man who try's to hit on girls but fails miserably.
Gil goes out to Bars (Barnabys) and trys to hit on girls but gets called out as a stalker, creeper, and loser.
by LazyMan205 April 26, 2011
-A person who frequently messes around and behaves in an unruly manner.
-Another way of saying FSU
-Owner of life and the world
-AKA God.
-You know, you're behaving like a Gil today.

-Let's go Gil in Wilmette!
by hassanavi October 30, 2011
An asshole who will break your heat. Gil's have a knack of getting girls but not keeping. They also tend to have a small Jewish penis. Once they have something hot they tend to loose it from pure stupidity. Gil's are somewhat attractive and sweet when needed to be, otherwise they are assholes, douche-bags, and bastards. Girls watch out for a guy named Gil.
Girl: God that guy had a small penis
Other Girl: he must have been a Gil
by Gil's Hoe January 31, 2011
1. Sooper Jew
2. Amazing human being
3. Hot in glasses
4. A unisex name
1. Sorry, can't, Shabbat tonight.
2. What a Gil! Did you just see her run in front of that car to save the kitten?
3. I love those effing frames. You are such a Gil!
4. URRGHHH -splat- GIL!
by Marini Peenie August 31, 2008
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