1. Sooper Jew
2. Amazing human being
3. Hot in glasses
4. A unisex name
1. Sorry, can't, Shabbat tonight.
2. What a Gil! Did you just see her run in front of that car to save the kitten?
3. I love those effing frames. You are such a Gil!
4. URRGHHH -splat- GIL!
by Marini Peenie August 31, 2008
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-A person who frequently messes around and behaves in an unruly manner.
-Another way of saying FSU
-Owner of life and the world
-AKA God.
-You know, you're behaving like a Gil today.

-Let's go Gil in Wilmette!
by hassanavi October 30, 2011
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A body part on your face below your chin
I grabbed your Gil Fatty
by Random Egg February 04, 2008
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