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(a)a person of unquestionable size, with huge hands and appendages. Prone to quick temper and unmitigated carnage when they blow their top.
WOW!! look at the size of that lady she is some sort of Gigantor
by Killocraun December 12, 2011
A robot-anime which was made in 1963. It was a pretty popular anime back then.
Kevin: My dad used to watch Gigantor when he was a kid.
by Kevin Aparicio October 10, 2005
giant, huge, enormous
his penis is gigantor
by april smith August 18, 2003
An unusually large human, not overly obese or otherwise out of proportions, and not suffering from any apparent chromosomal deficiency/surplus. Usually used to refer to individuals that the speaker is not familiar with. It is generally used in the same manner a common name would be, when that common name is unknown. The masculine version is Gigantor, the feminine version is Giganta.
"Look at Gigantor wearing his new suit over there"

"I bet Gigantor thinks he's pretty tough, picking on that little guy"
by Chazzman37 February 04, 2010
a large, gluttonous female mammal prone to overeating and harrassing males half her size in order to prove her own sexuality
that girl who lives down the hall, you know..the one who thinks she can walk around in her little cami and pj pants fit for a 5 year old.. yeah, thats her...
by Kristen January 14, 2005
A huge, gigantic, manly, query female with a peni (which is shared with the husband), who resembles the incredible hulk....and is the biggest bullshitter of all time.
Shut it gigantor - you use the male lavs, to check out all the other peni's, and have cock envy.
by chrissylyn December 03, 2013
a penis that is abnormally large
ben: my pants are too tight

tom: thats cos gigantor is in the way
by nehaumnds August 22, 2011
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