A loser who sits infront of the computer all day!
Dat boy is a gigabyte!
by Pittbull March 24, 2005
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(Comp Sci.)
A measure of computer memory or disk space consisting of about one thousand million bytes (a thousand megabytes). The actual value is 1,073,741,824 bytes (1,024 megabytes).
I downloaded at 1gBps.
Which is approximately 1,024 mBps.
by VoiDeD May 01, 2005
A unit of measuring data size. It is either 1,000,000,000 or 1024 megabytes, depending on how your computer reads it. A DVD can handle 4.7 gigabytes. A blu-ray disc can handle 25.
Basically, the more gigabytes your hard drive can take, the more porn you can shove on it.
by anonymous person 12345 May 06, 2009
Someone who has an insane amount of porn on their computer. Also know as a "McCarl"
Tim was looking at giga-byte's computer and all that was there was porn.
by Jay Meyers November 29, 2004
Giving Somebody or someone a love bite anywhere on there body bar there neck
would you like a gigabyte?
by Andysh September 16, 2008

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