A Teenager with an undeveloped body and an egg shaped head with a curvy nose, these people are VERY annoying and copy the nearest person to lickarse. can be delt with by ignoring or walking away, there has been a secret government campaign to execute all gibbs, but theres one out there who is still alive and making poeples life a living missery
is that an annoying tire screech? or is gibb talking? OH GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!
by The Unknown Bandit May 10, 2008
Awesome, amazing, cool, ridiculously awesome, sick, great
That movies was Gibbs man
by Zachnoro September 01, 2013
When you take a object with a poited end like a Pencil, screw driver, or even a chop stick and jam it between some one's ribs.
Take your pancil and gibb the janitor that took away your gameboy last week.
by skuddo September 10, 2005
Three potatoes. A russian word used to describe a friendly elderly polar bear who is rich and has an affinity for young Slovakians. Is also a Yugoslavian verb meaning to lick.
For dinner my mom gave me gibb.
The gibb ate four seals for dinner,
by Tick November 20, 2004
(Jib) Verb. To request and recieve a make out session from a male with whom 3 or more of his friends you have already made out with.
No dude, she already hooked up with 4 other TKE's... You just got Gibbed!
by Ben Kinsey November 03, 2006
a word that means "nudist" in ancient dialect the people who have this name are generally gay or lesbians, thought there are some who are both - these are very rare.
(wife arrives home) "Jessica! what are you doing?!"
(is on table without clothes)"uhmmm"
"mom..im a gibb"
"i see..."

by holy light November 23, 2007
Verb-To gibb; To get gibbed; A weak handshake
He got gibbed at the job interview; Implies the give or receipt of an embarrasingly weak handshake implying several negative characteristics of one's personality; The empitome of a Yon Gabbroni. Usually comes with a Stockton.
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