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The intense feelings of extreme pleasure one gets from watching Leroy Jethro Gibbs, as portrayed by Mark Harmon on the hit tv show NCIS
person 1: OMG, did you catch that new episode of NCIS last night?

person 2: Ohhh yeah! I'm STILL having Gibbsgasms just THINKING about it..
#gibbs #ncis #silverfox #gibbsgasms #mark harmon
by GibbsGirl January 21, 2010
Former marine gunnery seargent,Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the main character on the hit tv show NCIS, played by Mark Harmon.

also known as "Bossman", "Boss", and "Silver Fox".

aka: the most amazing man to ever grace the world with his presence.
Ex: Person 1: "Hey, you know who ISN'T reading this definition???"

Person 2: "GIBBS!!!!"
#gibs #ncis #silver fox #mark harmon #sexy beast #leroy jethro gibbs #marines
by GibbsGirl August 24, 2009
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