A man who busts inside of a woman and proceeds to go ghost before the child is born.

Predominantly occurs in African-Americans.
Dean: Shut up before I tell my dad!

Seth: You don't have a dad, he was a ghostbuster.
by K. Malik Shabazz Austin December 18, 2014
Verb: To slime someone with your genital body fluid, such as semen.

Noun: The act of sliming someone with your genital fluid.

Noun: a person that ghostbusters
I'm going to ghostbuster your face.
John ghostbustered a nut on Susie's face.
by Ghostbusterseth March 04, 2014
New Term (2012): is when something is dead, done, gone.
Jerking, Ghost Buster.
(becasue jerking is dead)

"that party is ghost buster, no one is there."
by unknownfemale May 20, 2012
A woman or man who is so ugly that the only way to fuck them is to completely cover them with a sheet so they look like a ghost.
Mark had to make her into a ghostbuster because she was to ugly to fuck while able to be seen.
by TBONESTEAKS April 13, 2011
When A Police officer Pulls An Individual Over For "Ghost Riding The Whip" He/She Is Referd To As A GhostBuster
"Aw , They Pulled him Over For Ghost Riding the Whip?" "Yea, They Some GhostBusters
by Oh MEeEZy July 22, 2006
who your going to call
do do do do do do do GHOSTBUSTERS

or so the song goes
by thisisitman March 09, 2007
when you pop an old woman's cherry
After going to the retirement home, Steve became a ghostbuster.
by o-bit July 23, 2008

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