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An intricate group sexual activity where four men (three Caucasian and one African-American) aim their penises towards an awaiting woman and ejaculate simultaneously.
Peter: "Let's make her look like a marshmallow man!"

Ray: "Careful not to cross our streams!"

Dana: "I ain't 'fraid of no scrote."

Men (In unison): "Bustin' makes me feel good!"
by Royal Cunninglinguist Society February 05, 2009
The manner in which a male's stream of urine divides into 2 or more incongruous streams, when urinating directly after sex. This phenomena of 2 or more streams which don't cross is highly reminiscent of the laser's emitted by the Ghostbusters guns.
I should've known better than to pee standing up right after we got done; I was ghostbustering all over the walls!
by CaptainWaifer May 05, 2009
The act of crossing the 2 streams of alcohol and marijuana; a.k.a. the process of getting cross faded.
"Bro, how is Kyle already stumbling? The party just started!"

"Yea man, we were pregaming with blunts beforehand. Plus he took 3 whiskey shots as soon as he showed up."

"Ohhh makes sense, that fool's straight Ghostbustering it tonight!"
by Eddie Bang July 18, 2014
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