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Paranormal investigator from the organization known as “Ghostbusters.” Created in New York City in the early 1980’s due to the overpopulation of residual spirits and negative emotional energies. During the initial time of recruitment, almost anyone could be employed as a Ghostbuster. However, a new wave of entrance exams and screenings allowed for only the most serious and dedicated person to be employed with this United States Government-funded organization. A Ghostbuster holds an awkward ranking in society, which rivals that of the police force and has been known to work on an international level. Many Ghostbusters were killed during a subterfuge war with North Korean witches during the early 21st century. Only a very small number of Ghostbuster employees are still in existence, and are mostly used for the security of Ambassadors from middle-eastern countries and special policing operations.
"The corrupt polcies you mentioned remind me of the Ghostbuster-policing decade."
by Endô January 24, 2005

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