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Ghaith is better than everyone. He kills at everything.

Some people consider him conceited but he's just aware of how epic he really is. Many of his friends thinks he's better than they are. One time he decided to play Mario Kart, but he sucked at it, so he lost. Just kidding, he kicked everyone's ass because he's the best. There's no use in trying to be as good as him because it's impossible. Except for Matt Ryan.
Mannn if only Ghaith was here to win this game of madden for me!

"Don't play Ghaith!

At what?

Anything, you'll lose!"
by Considered citizen October 16, 2009
A guy who likes to sit on a leather couch and watch TV for long periods of time after which he falls asleep and wakes up sick!
Ghaith is not gonna get his ass off that couch!
by abcdefghijkllkjihgfedcba July 02, 2009
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