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The act of having sexual intercourse with your best friend and a female(s). Another variation of group sex or 3 somes. Getting weird can happen at any time, place, or situation. Usually fueled by excessive drinking and getting chased by your best friend naked.
~Ben and Brian got weird with those models last night.

~Is anyone down to get weird tonight?

~"Man that girl is trying to get weird, lets grab them cheeks"

~If she isn't getting weird than I'm drinking her beer and going home
by BrianBenBalls August 24, 2012

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get weird
The act of getting intoxicated.
"We getting weird tonight?"
"Hell yeah, I've got a bottle and an eighth of piff."
by ballolollin October 13, 2011
The act of having sex in an unusual place or way. Usually the place is vile or disgusting.
Debbie, how do you feel about getting weird in that dumpster?
by Vinnythecrumb July 19, 2011