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(n) A man whose name might be mistaked for German. He is far from German, mostly Spanish, maybe Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban. A Germin will pwn in everything they do, and you if you fuck them over, then you'll hear their common phrase, and punch line, "Thats dumb dirty" But a Germin is so incredible, that you cannot succeed in messing with them, anyway. You see a Germin everywhere on tv: Superman, Hulk, or another protagonist character. He resembles a superhero and is always there for the victim! A Germin can't let you down!
Boy #1: I hate Germin!
Girl #1: Are you just saying that because he surpasses you in looks/personality, stacks more money then you, and gets more bitches then you?
Boy #1: .. Yes yes, thats true..

Girl #1: Sorry.. I was the one saying that stuff on your formspring..
Germin: Thats dumb dirty.

Girl #1: I'm in love with Germin!
Girl #2: Aren't we all...
by Palomis September 01, 2010
To intentionally intake harmful bacteria with the intent of becoming ill.
Dude, I licked every railing at the mall up and down the other day, I was germin' hard.
by Mikey Thunder January 16, 2009
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