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Often referred to as Gtown, or the last bit of civilization before Frederick or Damascus. Germantown is a small town in Maryland with the most eclectic population of people ever. Rednecks, gangsters, preps, working joes, working stiffs and hippie’s all living together. Most locals are known for their ability to drink unsuspecting visitors under the table and then walk out on the check.
My posse lives in Germantown. Gtown for life.
by guess March 03, 2005
ders gangstas, drug dealers, guns, robbers, black people, rich folks, wiggers, broke folks, weave shops, hair salons, white people, chelten ave, crab house, chicken spot, footlocker, payless, beauty supply, koreans, rainbow, popeyes, gtown ave, da corner stores, nail salons, big houses, g town high, gfs, trash, flowers, church, banks, doctor, dance school, McDonalds, liquor, day care. everything is in gtown. germantown is a strong community in if u nvr heard of it u aint been to philly yet.
-where u from?
-Germantown from chesnut hill
-do u drink kool-aide?
-do u drink starbucks?
by dat gtown chik August 15, 2006
a town in wisconsin run by complete morons. suburb of milwaukee. the schools are full of mostly wiggers and girls that 'get around'. nothing very exciting to do except smoke weed, which is basically what everyone does all day. you can get from one side of the town to the other in about 10 minutes. there's a few bars, bubs is probably the best and it's not even that great.
oh nothing, just being bored in germantown
by shalalalaqua July 23, 2011
A small town in Maryland where all kinds of people live. One of the most racially diverse towns next to New York City. Also includes: Gangsters, Preps, Working class(Usually working at the nearby Department of Energy) whores, etc. G-towners all manage to co-exist peacefully. One thing they all have in common: They WILL make you pay for the food.
Nah man, I'm from Germantown
by Barackollama June 07, 2011
1. The ghetto of Quincy.
2. Nicknamed G*Town.
I live in Germantown!
by itza secret August 08, 2003
A subburb of Memphis. Its school contains roughly 2,500 stundents. Black people make up roughly 50% and always talk about how Germantown isn't hard but do not realize in doing so call themselves week. 35% is white, and realize that the school has gone to shit. The other 15% is etinic (i.e. asian, middleeastern, latin) who ussually either split off and hang out with either black or whits or stay in his or her own click.
Germantown kicks some major ass.
by The Man April 29, 2004
A small quiet town in southern Illinois. Located not too far east of St. Louis, MO. It is an all Catholic town with one church, one school, and 3 bars.
I got so wasted in Germantown last night.
by Kuhlio September 14, 2008
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