A smalltown in Maryland that is outside Washington DC, and is full of pressed,bullshit people. Don't feel dumb if you don't know where it is.
You live in Germantown? Where in the hell is that?
by the diva that does'nt care December 12, 2003
g-town is da shit its basically a suburban ghetto 4 asians, blacks, n indians n it is right next 2 a bunch of hicks, dere are three levels of g-town first is da apartments full of ghetto ass gangstaz n shit, den comes da town houses filled wit average income peps, it got a few gangstas j,t,p, n s u kno it, den dere is da single houses wit da rich ass wanna bez... u kno who u are wityo wanna be gangsta bigass houses, but u live in g-town so u still get respect from me
Why da hell did they tear down da hoops 4 da town houses??? but dey built new 1z for da single houses
by da g town g March 14, 2005
A town full of left and right handed queers.
Did you hear 007 is from German Town.
I am one happy mofo that I am not from Greman Town.
Did you here about that queer from German Town? Dude everyone from German Town is queer
by trizz March 31, 2004
A small little town in Maryland where all the gangsters live. Fo sho they do! Its got everything from the projects to the dirty streets. The only safe place to hang out is the local dairy queen which is run by all white people. IF U WANT TO LIVE STILL AWAY ITS HARD CORE UP IN HERR! beleive it.
"It's all true, I got robbed tryin to rob that white dairy queen"
by Some white dude (Ryan) November 03, 2004
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