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The baddest motha fukkin team of super heroes in the world! Consisting of Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad. I consider Carl (their neighbor) to be part of the team too
aqua teen hunger force kicks ass!
by guess February 20, 2003
Often referred to as Gtown, or the last bit of civilization before Frederick or Damascus. Germantown is a small town in Maryland with the most eclectic population of people ever. Rednecks, gangsters, preps, working joes, working stiffs and hippie’s all living together. Most locals are known for their ability to drink unsuspecting visitors under the table and then walk out on the check.
My posse lives in Germantown. Gtown for life.
by guess March 03, 2005
The name of a very pretty, wonderful..... all that good stuff, girl. Who really rocks and owns at least one dog.
Mahalia is the best!
by Guess April 03, 2005
The number tied to the Clandestine mystery from the band AFI. No one really knows what it means, except that it appeared all throughout their "Clandestine" video and there are said to be hints all through their last album, Sing the Sorrow. See 336.
Dude, I just discovered the answer to the 337 mystery!
by Guess June 27, 2006
A beautiful, quiet girl, named after a beautiful quiet town.
"Wow. I wish I could be Beisan"
by Guess September 22, 2003
(1) the conservative joe disanzo. he says everyone who disagrees with him are "liberals" even know their not. he knows nothing about politics even know he watches the most conservative news channel (fox news) all day long. he doesn't like black people and is against abortion even know he's not a women and will never have a child. he thinks the patriot act is a good idea. he constantly talks about bill o reily which would lead some to think he has sexual fantasies about him. even though peers show him hardocore documents detailing some of the failures of the bush administration he says its "bullshit".
(2) a conservative who knows nothing about being a conservative and is only one because the traits of the parents rub off on them.
(3) unable to think outside of the box for more then 5 seconds
(4) thinks he's a conservative even know he shares hard moral beleifs with liberals
me: joe did u go on FTW.com its a INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM sit.

joe: mike you are such a stupid liberal prick. i'm gonna go on Bill O' Reilys website and write letters to him. and when i grow up i'm gonna join the KKK

me: joe, u know that u have liberal views and i'm not even a liberal i just don't like politics

joe: no, mike ur are a stupid liberal. liberals are so stupid. bye mike i'm going to try to find naked pictures of bill and sean hannity one the internet
by guess March 30, 2004
a crazy man, a psycho.
dr. targel's sanity show
by guess March 27, 2003
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