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Short for Geraldine. THE MOST beautiful, sexiest, saucy, smokin hot, gorgeous woman you have ever laid eyes on. Also known for the nicest booty. She is more beautiful that the moon, the stars. She WILL be the best you have ever had in bed! THE BEST at everything in that category! Some even say her beauty can kill kind of like a ninja! She is an exotic beauty. Beautiful hair and a smile that will draw you in. Most likely of royal blood. A Queen or a Princess.
I want to be Geri!
by tiki999 February 03, 2010
A girl who likes to read FOREVER, and watch a lot of movies and is obsessed with penguins and has a dog named oreo
That girl Geri reads
by ECH1 December 26, 2008
meaning you are or someone is above average or a really good bull shitter and really cool
Scoring above 100%

"dude, you just pulled a geri!"


"Thats something geri would do.

Bull Shitting
" I can't believe it! You just geried your speech!"
by P.I.G. December 02, 2011
Short for geriatric.A woman,older than a cougar,who preys on younger men.Sadly,these poor women lost their game a long time ago and may or may not look like skeletor.
Sigourney Weaver might have been a cougar 15 years ago,but now she's just a geri.
by #1CF January 12, 2011
A derogatory term for anyone old. Shortening of the word 'geriatric'.
"I spilled my pudding because this stupid fucking geri pulled out in front of me while I was driving"

"I was late because this dumb as fuck geri wouldn't shut the fuck up about his grandchildren"
by Captain Space-Dock October 16, 2009
Japanese word for diarrhea
by Poop masters August 10, 2008
a gothic young woman
that goth is such a geri
by Nicole March 21, 2005
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