He's a really cool guy who loves to have fun. He was a loner at first but made really good friends. He would usually make a weird joke to annoy his friends. You can usually find him playing computer games, in a chat group, or doing something weird. He is very artistic and loves to draw anime and manga characters for fun. His favorite anime/manga genres are Action, Adventure, and Shonen. He likes to read long books. He is also very athletic and will do anything to win a game of soccer, leading him to hurt his friends (by kicking them in the foot Really Hard). He calls his friend "Mr. President and Pedo the Bear" (due to his name) to annoy the heck out of him.
" Owwww!", Mr. E, " Gerald kicked me again!", student shouted.
"Sorry, I wanted to kick someone," Gerald explains.
"It's alright, Gerald, you can kick him any time you want," Mr. M says.
"Okay," Gerald says (with a big grin on his face)
"Owwwwwww!", Mr. E!," student shouts.
by KanadeTachibana March 22, 2013
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A cool, sweet, fun, lovable guy, who always seems to be misunderstood. He can be romantic as well.

Guys like these are hard to find, because they are great to have around. Not only are they smart (like a nerd), but they have looks (like a model).

A typical Gerald would be found on a computer or phone in a chat room, or just online playing video games.
Wow, I've never met a guy like him before. He must be a Gerald.
by mina shampoo February 06, 2010
The lady-killer you want to hate but can't 'cause he's a great guy. Short for filthy Gerald
Simon: Crap, did Jojo just make out with Lisa last night at homecoming?
Kathy: Hell yeah and he was lookin' good doing it. I heard he bought free drinks for the whole school afterwards.
Simon: I would so hate that guy if he didn't always hook me up with free Blackhawks tickets.
Kathy: I really want to give him a vamp job.
Simon: Man what a gerald.
by Kobwebs September 30, 2005
He is a nice young man, who will do anything he sets his mind too, he is understanding of those around him, and he will always help those in need. People are usually very open with him, and always want to get to know him better.
Girl: well he was very nice
BFF: Oh hes Gerald
by Tana :D November 13, 2010
The excess ash on a blunt, that looks like Gerald's hair from Hey Arnold! To ash it off give Gerald a haircut.
"Ash the blunt off" "naaaa take a moment to look at Gerald's afro hair......okayyy i guess it's time to give Gerald a hair cut"
by eruuuuuka December 16, 2010
A funny guy with dark spiky hair. He loves to laugh and loves to make other people laugh. He is quite the nerd, and amazing with computers. After all, he spends most of his time on the internet derping around. But that just makes him all the more adorkable. He can be sarcastic and brutal when joking around with his friends, but when it comes down to it, he's a sweet and sensible guy. He has a good taste in music, and has an artistic side that no one really knows about.
"Woah, you stayed up all night on the computer?"
"Yeah, I was trying to pull a Gerald."
by Wheeeeeeeeeee May 14, 2013
insanely artistic. most often the pimpest, badass, most influential visual artists of all muthafuckin' time, bitch! usually hangs out with other artsy fartsy cats. sometimes used as a substitution for badass. most commonly referred to as the genius.
That is so fuckin, Gerald! I love it!

Miyamoto is such a friggin Gerald!
by pixlanim8r February 11, 2010
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